The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 561 | Ish Did

On this week’s episode, Joe calls Young Guru to discuss the social media buzz (:17), and then the guys take a deep dive into Jay Z’s verse on “God Did” (11:49). Ish breaks down the lyrics, then Joe and Ish debate if this is a top 10 Jay Z verse. The guys discuss other new music, and Joe calls JID on air (57:15). The crew reacts to Offset’s dispute with Quality Control (1:12:13). Parks tries to squash the Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher beef (1:34:22) + MORE!

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 560 | Illusions Of Ice

On this week’s episode, Joe exposes the photographers in Greece for trying to scam him (15:36). Next, the guys express their disdain for the new A.I. Rapper from Capitol Records (26:16). Ice speaks on Fetty Wap’s guilty plea for drug possession (56:05). Joe shows his boujee side when he’s in the airport (1:16:43). The guys discuss NBA Free Agency and Kevin Durant’s decision to stay in Brooklyn (1:36:40). Ish has a crush on Jeanie Buss (2:11:09) + MORE!

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 559 | Investing In The Downfall feat. Joey Bada$$

Joe addresses Swizz Beatz and Timbaland suing Triller for 25 million dollars over the Verzuz dispute (16:42). The crew then addresses Jermaine Dupri vs. Diddy (34:24) in a Verzuz. Also, it acknowledges the moguls’ recent comments claiming R&B is dead (41:51). Next, they discuss writing birthday captions for your significant other (1:17:26), and Joey Bada$$ joins the pod (1:29:40).

The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 558 | As Luck Would Have It

Meek Mill continues his streak of being one of the best tweeters on the internet (20:47), and Joe sends condolences to the late comedian Teddy Ray (27:19). Next, the guys give their thoughts on luck vs. hard work (40:28), Megan Thee Stallions new album (1:06:44), NBA Youngboy’s feud with Kodak Black (1:27:20), PPP Loan investigations (2:00:41) and the mistreatment of WNBA players (2:17:01). The crew also engage with a fan during the “Part of the Show” segment (2:28:50), Brent Faiyaz being an independent artist (2:42:38) and MORE!