Meet Amber Goodwin, the law school graduate who never gave up on her fight for justice.

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Amber Goodwin will be 41 years old the day she graduates from law school on June 6th, 2021, from the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. 

Goodwin graduated from college twenty years before she graduated from law school, but she wasn’t accepted by any of her selected law schools. However, Goodwin never let the rejection bring her down. Amber Goodwin showcased her resilience when she talked with Good Morning America, saying she remained persistent even after being regularly denied.   

Amber Goodwin instead decided to earn her master’s degree. She also founded an organization called the Community Justice Action Fund or CJAF, a nonprofit organization that emphasizes a gun violence prevention program directed toward Black communities.   

Once Goodwin reached her late 30’s, she decided to pursue her law school degree once again.      

Goodwin released a statement expressing her pride in going back to law school at 38. She also goes on to say that women are often not celebrated for their hard work and are often only appreciated for their large accomplishments.  

Amber Goodwin has already achieved many impressive accomplishments, such as working with the Biden Harris transition team. Goodwin was also the national advocacy director of Gifford’s before she founded CJAF.  

With several impressive accomplishments already under her belt and a promising future ahead, it is certainly exciting to see what Amber Goodwin will do in the future!   

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