An actor from “CSI: NY” is accused of defacing George Floyd memorial

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According to the New York Police Department, a man has been identified and arrested for vandalizing George Floyd’s bust in New York. Micah Beals, 37, was arrested for the crime and charged with second-degree criminal mischief for the crime committed on Monday (Oct. 25). CSI: NY actor Beals appeared in many episodes of the show.

Police released the surveillance footage of Beals’ alleged vandalism on Oct. 3, following which the police released it to the public. Apparently, a skateboarder sprayed grey paint on Floyd’s bust in Union Square, New York, before riding past the statue of the musician on his skateboard.

The act of vandalism occurred just four days after the bust of Breonna Taylor was unveiled along with those of John Lewis and Breonna Taylor.

Terrence Floyd, Floyd’s brother, told TMZ after the October incident that he hopes to meet with the person who defaced the statue to discuss the incident honestly and prevent future incidents.

A spokesperson for Confront Art, the company that commissioned the three statues, said, “the George Floyd statue was the only one that was attacked”. “It is the one that evokes the most emotion, positive and negative, of all”. Seeing his brother once again target of such extreme hatred doesn’t make Terrence Floyd happy or satisfied. He feels disheartened and saddened by the situation.

It is the second time Florida’s sculpture has been vandalized. His first time it occurred was in June, just days after it debuted in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Black paint was reportedly sprayed on the monument, leaving marks believed to symbolize white supremacy and left by four unidentified suspects. Currently, no arrest has been made for Beals in connection with the vandalism.

CBS reports that Micah Femiah Beals was already arrested during the riots at the capitol on Jan. 6 for violating curfew. An individual charged with second-degree criminal mischief faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

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