“Game Tapes 2” shows Curren$y hanging out with his son

by | Oct 29, 2021 | LATEST, MUSIC NEWS, NEW MUSIC ALERT | 0 comments

Curren$y released his latest album, Still Stoned On Ocean, earlier this month, which is presumed to continue the legacy of his classic 2016 EP Stoned On Ocean. Fans got 11 dope cuts this time around, including some help from Fendi P and Jim Jones. As of last weekend, he released a new visual for Still Stoned On Ocean for β€œGame Tapes 2,” produced by 808-Ray and Smitty Beatz and filled with the vivid imagery Curren$y has become known for:

Curren$y is seen hanging out with his young son in the accompanying clip for “Game Tapes 2,” supplied by Polo Vision Media. Additionally, he can be seen singing the song at various levels throughout his house, as well as outside, alongside some of his classic cars, which appears to be the official pace car from the 1998 Indianapolis 500.

Besides Still Stoned on Ocean, Curren$y also delivered The Collection Agency in February, Welcome to Jet Life Recordings 2 in June with his Jet Life collective, Highest in Charge in August with Trauma Tone, and Matching Rolexes in September with Kino Beats. As part of his 4/20 celebration, he even released the EP Financial District as an NFT.

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