Lil Nas X | The Dark Side of Fame | Satanism, Nike, Industry Plant & More

by | Apr 15, 2021 | BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

On the BRIGHT SIDE OF FAME โ€“ that song almost immediately turned him into a household name upon its release. Not only did this track end up as the No.1 song on the charts, but it became the longest-charting No. 1 song ever at 19 consecutive weeks at the top. All-in-all Lil Nas X was said to have made over $14 Million in 2019 alone and he also made Forbesโ€™ โ€œ30 Under 30โ€ list that year as well. But on the DARK SIDE OF FAME is a different story altogether โ€“ and when someone reaches the mountain top as quickly and seemingly out-of-nowhere as Lil Nas did, then that person is bound to have detractors. Not only has Nas had to deal with rumors that heโ€™s an industry plant, but his subsequent reveal that he is, in fact, a gay man, has led to certain sections of our population looking at him differently and raging against some of his more recent artistic creations like a music video where he pole dances for Satan and his new signature โ€œSatan Shoesโ€ that Nike quickly sued him over after reports revealed that each sneaker contained โ€“ wait, let me just double-check this, yep — a drop of human blood.

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