Parents: Don’t Be Losers | I AM ATHLETE w/ Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

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Parents: Don’t Be Losers | I AM ATHLETE w/ Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

On this week’s episode, the I Am Athlete crew takes time to vent about frustrating life moments while discussing when it makes sense to speak freely and to who to trust with these conversations. Women tend to share more freely and open up to their girl friends while Brandon and Channing agree that it’s more unlikely for men to sit around and vent to one another, especially when it hits close to home because you need to protect family and the intricacies of personal relationships. Chad says he rarely allows things to annoy him to a point of needing to vent but Fred says it’s good to get things out that are on the mind. Fred feels a certain way about people who would root against his success and not want him to elevate his situation which prompts Brandon to ask if any of them developed survivor’s remorse for making it in the league leaving behind people at home. Fred says absolutely not and Chad agrees saying the people at home who rooted against him are the same ones who motivated him to reach his highest level.

The venting continues as Channing shares his thoughts about parents who try to live vicariously through their children playing sports which leads Fred to comment on how wrong it is for parents to pressure kids into sports thinking they will be part of the 1% who make it big. Using his own personal encounters as an example, Channing doesn’t hold back, referring to those parents as losers who count on their children’s success in sports for a retirement plan. The guys all laugh at Channing’s tactics to rile up the opposing team’s parents while at his kids’ little league games and that true satisfaction and joy for him is watching his son and daughter smile when they play well. Reminiscing about playing peewee football, Chad reflects on his grandma always making it about fun vs pressure which is why as a parent he supports his children 100% but wants the focus to be on having a good time and nothing more.

Chef Lowe is filling in for Chef Nancie while she is in NY and offers up his parenting perspective when it comes to youth sports and his own son. And in typical fashion, the conversation takes a left turn when Fred asks Chad if he is more famous as Ocho or Chad Johnson. Chad replies he is more recognized as Ocho worldwide which Fred says makes sense since Ocho is derivative of the spanish language and the group bursts into laughter. The topic of Europe leads to a characteristically amusing and free-flowing discussion about languages spoken abroad, geography and Ochocinco’s amazement at the Roman Colosseum that wraps up another IAA episode.

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