Peter Rosenberg hires Westside Gunn for the amazing “Stain”

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Peter Rosenberg has been quite busy making some huge and loud waves in the music industry as well as the sports for a while now. As a result, he has managed to become a leading voice on the terrestrial radio, specifically for hip hop. Today, the DJ and presenter, who was born and raised in DMV has decided to make his own tunes. He has announced a brand new album called Real Late, which will be releasing sometime soon in the next few weeks. 

A few months ago, in January, Rosenberg managed to partner up with Stove God Cooks and Flee Lord to create the first single called “Marcus Smart,” which has been named after the Boston Celtics basketball player. Just last weekend, he then released “Stain,” which was produced by BVLVM and JR Swiftz, featuring Griselda head honcho Westside Gunn. Like the previous song that was mentioned, “Stain” manages to stick to the grimy and hard-hitting subject matter and ad-libs, which is particular popular in the context of the Buffalo star and his colleagues. 

Real Late comes after What’s Poppin’ Vol. 1 and New York Renaissance, which are two exceptional mixtapes that Rosenberg decided to release for all of his fans in 2011 and 2013, respectively. In a recent interview with the University of Maryland’s independent student publication The Diamondback, this popular star decided to speak about the significance of the upcoming body of work for him. 

You can check out Peter Rosenberg and Westside Gunn’s “Stain” by clicking on the link below 

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