Prince Philip | Gone But Not Forgotten | Tribute To Duke of Edinburgh

by | May 1, 2021 | BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

After 70-years spent in the public eye, Prince Phillip was the longest-serving royal consort in British history and while his adult life was one chock-full of privilege, his childhood was anything but. In fact, it was marked by tragedy and loneliness. As a member of both Greek and Danish royalty, Philp and his family were banished from their native country while he was still only a toddler and Philip subsequently moved from one European nation to another, in the search of a home. He would finally find one in the arms of his distant cousin, Queen Elizabeth II before her ascension to the British throne in 1952. A naval officer and a man known for his mischievous sense of humor, Philip remained by Elizabethโ€™s side for over sixty years until his recent passing, which, fittingly enough, would see the Queen by his side to the very end.

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