“PWR RNGR” single features Mick Jenkins and Harloe

by | Oct 27, 2021 | LATEST, MUSIC NEWS, NEW MUSIC ALERT | 0 comments

In addition to his involvement with the track, Mick Jenkins also made sure to lend his support to Harloe in the creation of “PWR RNGR”. Through bold instrumentals and empowering lyricism, HARLOE delivers a disco-inspired track, teaming up with Jeff Shum and Keith Askey:

This song celebrates being strong and confident in your own skin, HARLOE says of the song. When you let your guard down you felt like a teenager with lots of passion and excitement. You must find that balance between allowing yourself to be vulnerable and confident at the same time. “It’s so nice to let go sometimes!” Tyler Cunningham’s accompanying music video celebrates confidence and being yourself, and features Christina Aguilera, JLo, and Mya from the early 2000s.

The music video for Mick Jenkins’ “Truffles” was released earlier this year, where fans can view an eerie plotline. Jenkins has delivered quite a few features so far this year. There are tracks such as “Teriyaki” Nate Husser, “Kill Me” Daichi Yamamoto, “SUPER8” CANCEL CULTURE and Meltycanon, “Sleep” Markis Precise, “Don’t Need You (Remix)” with Genesis Owusu, and “royal flush” with LOONY.

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