Stromedy | Before They Were Famous | Kyle Godfrey Beat Bryce Hall

by | May 1, 2021 | BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

Today we got another Canadian creator who is blowing up in a big way and according to a local newspaper from back in the day Stromedy, or Kyle Godfrey had always been dubbed the class clown. His road to YouTube fame is a pretty interesting story. The kid once worked at a local grocery store and tried his hand at acting and college before pouring his life into his YouTube channel & yes, we’ve dug up a ton of old clips that were sure Kyle wishes we never found. Before YouTube turn, Kyle into a multi-millionaire people were telling him not to bother with posting content online. Now he’s got his own Team 10 operation in the works. He’s picked himself up a $2 Million dollar crib here in Toronto and another rental out in LA. Kudo’s to him but of course, when your rising to the top of the world of social media of course there will be people there to try and tear you down. We got lots to get through.

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