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Walls vs boundaries…when is it time to be tough and when is time to ask for help? In life we put up walls and that sometimes hurts while we establish boundaries to protect, but distinguishing the difference between the two can be stressful.

Coming off an impactful episode last week with Dwyane Wade, the guys return to do a mental check in and discuss the pressures of everyday life with a personal but powerful conversation.

Brandon Fred Chad and Channing dig deep into each others lives…asking who are those in your circle that are going to tell you what you need to hear not always what you want to hear. Leading with the story about Isaiah Wilson, the 2020 NFL first round pick who just was cut from another team and the guys wonder are we doing enough in the league and life to provide resources and encourage guys to reach out for help before it’s too late. Chad says making mistakes and being immature can’t always be blamed on mental
health that we are responsible for our own choices.

Brandon compares aspects of life from a book he read about a rubber ball symbolizing business because it can always bounce back but on the personal side of life it’s more like a glass ball, if it’s dropped enough it gets scratched until it eventually shatters. Give time to what’s most important and that can’t be repaired or redone.

Chad shares his vacation experience with everyone and taking time to do things he didn’t expect he would enjoy while Channing and Fred say finding the balance between family and business is tough but for them it’s always going to be family first.

Chef is joined by her eldest daughter who is going to law school but has a passion for being in the kitchen as well. She talks about her admiration for her mom and how she has watched her blossom in the past year which has been a special experience.

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