Young Dolph and Key Glock are amazing in “A Goat & A Dolphin” video

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Key Glock

It was way back in March that Young Dolph and Key Glock went back to the proverbial fold with Dum and Dummer 2, which was the sequel to Dum and Dummer from 2019, featuring 20 amazing tracks that their fans can enjoy. Now, the   Memphis duo is back with a brand new video for “A Goat & A Dolphin,” which was produced by CLDHRT and BandPlay, and it includes the boastful bars that is popular among fans Dolph and Glock. 

In the video, things remain very simple and straightforward, as Dolph and Glock are situated in an open space adjacent to a painting of a goat and dolphin hybrid. Understandably, both of them are seen smoking a blunt with a dancer in tow. In some other setting, their verses are performed by them with stacks of money as they are present in a room with red lighting. 

“A Goat & A Dolphin” comes after the release of several videos from Dum and Dummer 2 for tracks such as “I Can Show You,” “Move Around,” “RAIN RAIN,” “Sleep With The Roaches,” “I’m The Type,” and “Aspen.” We are hoping that these releases are not merely a part of Dolph and Glock’s current promo run, and instead, is proof that Dolph decided to go back on his retirement announcement. 

Check out Young Dolph and Key Glock’s “A Goat & A Dolphin” video below. 

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