Alexis Stoudemire: I LOST MY IDENTITY IN HIS SPOTLIGHT | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall & More

by | Feb 16, 2022 | I AM ATHLETE, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

The ladies start episode 8 off discussing their personal experiences with the use of marijuana. They all share their preferences between smoking and eatables. Sharelle shares a story that landed her butt-naked in her hotel round after trying edibles for the first time. Alexis shares that she is a casual smoker and that the use of marijuana has helped her deal with stress and sleep.

Ashley catches the ladies up with what has been going on with her lately. Ashley shares that she has done some meaningful traveling with her father to Paris to recreate a photo she and he took while she was younger. After Ashley confesses her love for traveling, Kijafa expresses her concerns for traveling overseas during the pandemic. Michi supports Kijafa as she too has had her own concerns with protocols and being able to return home to her family safely after traveling.

Michi asks Alexis if she is currently practicing serial dating as a newly divorced single woman. Alexis responds with “absolutely”. She goes on to explain that she knows her worth and value and that she is in love with herself more than she has ever been in your entire life. She shares her journey from a marriage to a single woman and how was able to find and become her true self within that process.

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