Devin Hester: PacMan Jones Was Arguing for 2nd Place | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, D.J. Williams and Chantel Tremitiere welcome Devin Hester to the show as they find out who really was the best returner in the NFL between him and Pac-Man Jones.

Devin starts out by saying “I’m trying to figure out what numbers he’s looking at?” They start talking through the numbers as a group and learn that Devin has 14 career punt return touchdowns, 5 career kickoff return touchdowns as well as the only player to ever take an opening kickoff in a Super Bowl back for a touchdown. Chantel explains how Pac-Man Jones has 5 punt return touchdowns and 0 kickoff return touchdowns. Devin explains how he was upset to see Brandon and Chad “agree” with Pac-Man by not saying anything when he was on the show.

D.J. begins to explain how throughout his playing career, he has never been in a special teams meeting that talked about game planning against Pac-Man Jones. But he has always game planned for Devin Hester.

Chad shows up fashionably late to the show and is ecstatic to see Devin. The group informs Chad on what he missed out on. Devin calls him and out and says how he is mad at him, as well as Brandon for not defending his name after Pac-Man said his statement. Chad doesn’t remember him saying that and requests to see a video clip. Devin talks about how his favorite kickoff return touchdown was from the Super Bowl and explains the story behind that.

The conversation shifts as Brandon asks Devin about a story Devin told about his relationship with Jay Cutler. Devin explains how him and Julius Peppers noticed that Brandon and Jay were arguing before practice and said that he heard Brandon say “I own you. If it weren’t for me there would be no Jay Cutler.” Devin and Julius made a bet to see whether Jay would end up throwing to Brandon in practice. He ended up throwing the ball to Brandon about 20 times. The group starts to joke about getting either Devin, Brandon or Chad to call Jake to find out the truth behind this story.

Brandon, D.J. and Devin start to talk about their time at the Bears and how they were set up for success but couldn’t figure it out internally. They had all the weapons they needed to win football games but felt disorganized as a team. D.J. said “We had too many great players…but it wasn’t clicking.”

Chantel continues to move the conversation by asking why football players try to fight each other when they have helmets on. D.J. answers her questions by explaining the aggression that comes from playing with a passion. He says players fight so much because that’s what the game is built on. Brandon immediately brings up the Deron Williams vs Frank Gore fight that took place. Chad explains how he thinks Deron took time to properly train for this fight, while Frank came in a little unprepared. Chad starts to relate to Frank by saying how hard it is to fight for that long in the ring. He can tell Deron has been doing it for a while. Chad believes Frank will be back. D.J. explains how it made him upset see Deron push him to the ground and uppercut him, and how if he was Frank they would need to “black this out.”

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