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In a new episode, Dwyane Wade sits down with the I Am Athlete crew and opens up about everything from basketball, to life to loving your children unconditionally.

D Wade may be one of the greatest NBA players of all time, but he is also championing the way as a parent. In a longer bonus edition of I Am Athlete, the guys sit down for a deep and personal conversation with D Wade about basketball, being a father and opening up his world to inspire change.

Recently, the Wade family shared that Zaya, his middle child, identified as transgender and D explains to the guys what that process was like and how loving your children unconditionally is the parent’s job. Coming from sports’ lockerooms where gay slangs have been used for years, D had to look himself in the mirror and realize what he needed to do to become better to help his daughter thrive in her life choices. “I’m not Ryan Clark, filling in for Chad this week, tells Wade that he admires him because he did something that many fathers couldn’t do, which even made Ryan check himself as a parent. Brandon references a letter D wrote to his oldest son Zaire before he left for college leading into a discussion about the relationship between a father and son following in one’s footsteps vs. having a child that goes the opposite direction.

Fred tells Wade that there are no layups on this show and he’s going to take some shots at getting hard answers to the group’s questions, starting with who is his favorite teammate of all time and getting his thoughts about longtime teammate and close friend Lebron James being considered the GOAT over Michael Jordan. Wade talks about how growing up in Chicago, it was Jordan who gave him inspiration that he could play in the NBA and that MJ will forever be his GOAT. Channing chimes in with the burning question asking what the real reason is that D left Miami for 19 months when he was regarded as the heartbeat of the team and the city. D admits his pride and ego were hurt as he breaks down the business side of the sport and doing what was best for him and his family at the time.

Chef Nancie is joined on set by Wade’s Chef, Richard Ingraham, who actually gave Nancie her start in the personal Chef world years ago as he praises her talents and selfless persona. Brandon puts D Wade in the hot seat asking him who is the better cook, Chef Nancie or Chef Ingraham as he laughs and says the term cook doesn’t describe either as they are more than someone who prepares food, they are irreplaceable parts of the puzzle. Sharing life advice for staying at the top of his game and helping young people grow into careers, Chef Ingraham credits his success to living by simple these words, “Make your shoes so big they can’t be filled”.

I Am Athlete is filmed at the Botaniko Weston in South Florida. For exclusive I Am Athlete apparel and merchandise visit HouseofAthlete.com.

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