Monique Rodriquez gives us the real REAL | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall & More

by | Feb 16, 2022 | I AM ATHLETE, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

Monique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics joins Michi Marshall, Kijafa Vick, Aja Crowder, Sharelle Rosado and Alexis Stoudemire in episode 5 of of I Am Woman. The ladies gather and discuss navigating pain, sacrifice and entrepreneurship while sharing their personal stories and experiences.

Monique was a registered nurse for 8 years but after experiencing the tragic loss of of her son in 2013, she began to focus on being happy and living a fulfilling life. She is now CEO of Mielle Organics, a natural and organic hair product line tailored to African American and multicultural women. She gives credit to God for the idea and the opportunity to live out her passion and service woman just like her.

The women get personal and dive into the topic of what life is like for them as an entrepreneur and mother. Sharelle, shares her personal experiences with family and sacrifices that she had to make in order to build and advance her real estate company. She shares that she has sacrificed friendship and relationships in order to become successful.. Monique responds by stressing the importance of establishing non-negotiables and being able to delegate in the entrepreneurship environment. She goes on to stress the importance of family and how having non-negotiables has helped her navigate family and entrepreneurship.

The woman wrap things up by discussing controversial YouTuber and dating expert Kevin Samuel. The ladies discuss Kevin’s opinions and views on “High Value Women” should be and look like. The ladies playfully suggest that they should invite Kevin to the show as a guest while Kijafa adds that she will not be showing up on set that day.

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