Off The Field And In The Kitchen: Girls Gone Veg with Brandon Marshall | I AM ATHLETE

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Soccer Stars Toni Pressley and Ali Riley are back with the season finale episode of their cooking series- Girls Gone Veg and this is one you don’t want to miss when the founder of I Am Athlete himself making an appearance!

Yes that’s right, joining the ladies in the kitchen this week is 13 Year NFL All Pro Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall who is ready to test his cooking skills and spend some time learning outside his comfort zone.

Knowing of Brandon’s sweet tooth, Ali and Toni save the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet recipe for him to make, which might be the girls’ tastiest creation yet! Brandon, known for his brutal honesty and openness on I Am Athlete, shares with the ladies that he won’t be able to hide his opinion if he doesn’t like it and the ladies accept the challenge understanding he may be their toughest critic of all previous guests. Getting right to work, Toni gives the background of being vegan and some misconceptions people think while Ali gets Brandon to open up about his playing days- talking the highs and lows of being a professional athlete.

As Ali and Toni teach Brandon a trick or two with cooking, Brandon creates a mock experience for the girls and what it’s like to line up every down on the football field. The athletes compare the physical toll each sport takes to play and how recovery is equally important as conditioning. The laughter continues to flow as one joke is followed by another and then the girls get Brandon with some hard hitting questions.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet is served and Brandon doesn’t hold back to let the ladies know what he thinks of their creation and is further convinced that eating vegan provides a balance between healthy and still being able to indulge!

Girls Gone Veg was a limited eight part series with a new episode released every Friday on the I Am Athlete Channel. Take a look back at some of the special guests who stopped by to help make fun and tasty vegan recipes as the girls continue to work hard to prepare for upcoming shows. Watch for updates on Season Two with the series returning after the Summer Olympics.

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