RAJAH CARUTH: Seeing Bubba Wallace Race Gave Me Confidence | I AM NASCAR With BRANDON MARSHALL

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Brandon Marshall, Channing Crowder and Chad Johnson sit down with Amercian professional stock car driver Rajah Caruth and his father Rodger Caruth. Rajah walks the crew through his career path that birthed from competing in iRacing from his bedroom.

Rajah started his career racing at the age of 16, driving the virtual 2018 eNASCAR Ignite Series on iRacing. He would go on to end his rookie season with two top 10s and also ended up 13th in the Semi-pro points.

Being a true gamer, Chad Johnson challenges Rajah to a game of NBA 2k online. Rajah doesnโ€™t back down at all and accepts the challenge but Chad guarantees that he cannot be defeated.

Channing questions if Rajah feels he is at a disadvantage because he learned to race through iRacing rather than in an actual car like most drivers. Rajah feels technology actually gives him an advantage because he can easily adapt to situations over and over again.

Chad jumps back in and asks 19-year-old Raja how he balances a busy life in the spotlight as a professional driver. Roger jumps in and informs the cast that Rajah is well balanced and makes it his duty to always have fun first and enjoy the moments at hand.

Wrapping things up Brandon and Chad gives Rajah personal advice on confidence and encourages him to keep fighting because it will either lead him to stardom or to the bottom of the pack.

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