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As the season wraps for I Am Woman, the ladies really dive deep into parenting and marital life, especially during COVID times. Agreeing that the past year has brought a lot of change in many areas, the women are split on if they are ready for old life to resume or they enjoy the new normal at home. Aja leads a fun and light discussion with the women about having sex with their husbands, keeping it fresh and frequent. The ladies find it funny that Aja is well versed and ready to chat about sexual related topics while Michi and Ashley seem more reserved.
Kijafa and Terricka are curious about the right time to tell their children about sex and opening the lines of communication about such encounters. Michi and Aja think the kids should be a little older while Ashley says that kids learn things from other kids so it’s better for it to be explained at an early age by parents. Michi opens up about a personal experience she had as a child that could have negatively impacted her life but instead she spiraled it into strength and growth while Kijafa says she has instilled in her children to fight for their lives if they are ever in an uncomfortable situation.

Finding ways to get back to regular activities and somewhat of normalcy, Michi asks if the women plan on getting the vaccine and they are all split on the decision of whether to get it or not. Terricka and Ashley say having their children home all day everyday is a lot to handle and they can’t wait for school and activities to resume. Aja says it’s really hard to raise children in this era and the days of kids making mistakes without them being publically exploited are far and few in between.

Chef Lowe surprises the ladies with homemade waffles topped with cereal and milk as they ask him what age he finds it appropriate to talk to his son about sex. He also talks about the financial gains people are having with Fans Only Pages and asks if any of the ladies would ever explore that option. Aja gives the women a gift of hope and appreciation while highlighting black-owned businesses in the community.

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