“Sweet Feet” – Ocho’s Fight Recap | I AM ATHLETE w/Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

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You asked for it and we delivered…A special edition of I Am Athlete to talk about the recent fight night featuring Chad on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul.

Taking a moment from our off season break, Brandon, Fred and Channing join Chad for a fun night of conversation and cracking jokes! Starting with Channing, who shows up wearing pajamas saying Chad almost went to sleep on the knock down and asks what was going through his mind as he was headed to ground.

Despite making some jokes, all three guys were impressed with Chad’s performance in the ring and how he handled the pressure. Chad let’s the guys in on a little secret about his training which leads to the ongoing debate of who really won the fight: Ocho or Science?

Fred dives into the Mayweather vs Paul fight, explaining Floyd has earned the right to entertain and profit off exhibition fights while Channing said watching those two go at it is not what’s best for the sport of boxing.

Brandon expresses how proud he was of Chad to represent House of Athlete and appreciates the fans’ enthusiasm with the Ocho vs Science debate.

Stay tuned for updates on Season 3 premiere and visit www.houseofathlete.com for all I Am Athlete and Ocho vs Science apparel.

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