You Hurt My Feelings | I AM ATHLETE w/ Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

by | Apr 14, 2021 | I AM ATHLETE, LATEST, Podcasts | 0 comments

After a viral family feud, the I Am Athlete crew reunites to hash out what went on last week and where everyone stands after a few days to reflect. Instagram Comedian Lou Young (who’s imitation of all the guys arguing lit up the internet) joins the set and lightens the mood by replaying last week’s conversation which has Brandon, Channing, Chad and Fred laughing as they watch their positions play out. Brandon offers an apology on a few of the points he feels he may have not been clear with while Channing and Chad continue to rattle his cage about how wrong he really is. Dressed as a referee equipped with a whistle, Fred is there to bring calmness and clarity to the resolution.

Before wrapping up last episode’s rehash, Brandon lets Chad and Channing know why he was so upset and what triggered his feelings of being so hurt and angry. He acknowledges how men have a tendency to turn hurt into anger and defense mode instead of just talking through things.

The conversation then changes gears to high profile members of the media and how they treat athletes which Chad feels strongly against any person speaking out negatively on something they’ve never experienced. Referring to the recently publicized banter involving NBA star Kevin Durant, Channing shares stories over the years of his own personal encounters with the media and when to place a level of value on the evaluators. Fred says tuning the critics out was part of his daily routine as a player and he is at peace with the guys he played against respecting him as a Hall Of Famer despite the media not giving him the notch yet.

Chef Jonathan Lowe is filling in for Chef Nancie who was in NY on business. Chef wows the guys with his infamous chicken wings and opens up about how his experiences have led him to open up more owning up to negative feelings or mistakes instead of turning to anger as most men do.

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